Rodeo Hex Thru Axles


Lever thru axles aren’t for everyone. Some people prefer the simplicity of a hex bolt design, so we’ve gone ahead and made that option for Traildonkey and Rodeo Spork owners.

Made from 7075-T6 Aluminum.

We have two options available.

  • Thru axle for frame: φ12xP1.5x170L (including threads) (1.5mm thread pitch)
  • Thru axle for fork: φ15xM14xP1.5x130L (including threads) (1.5mm thread pitch)(14mm step down thread diameter)
  • Newer frames and forks have begun shipping with M15 x 1.5 front through axles. Please be sure to check your axle endcap for markings. If you do not see a 15 x 1.5 etching then your axle is the above specs.