Rodeo 6.yo // The Lab Baggy short

$90.00 $54.00

After six years of offering only stretchy pants for riding bikes in we finally a baggy Rodeo Labs short option. And here is some great news: It’s an awesome short on and off the bike.

The Lab Baggie has been a long overdue offering but over the years none of the kit manufacturers that we’ve worked with have given us the option of offering baggies. So for 2019 we’ve taken matters into our own hands. We didn’t just go grab an off the shelf baggy short and stamp our logo onto it. We went straight to where the sewing machines live and worked up what we consider an ideal baggy short.

These shorts didn’t appear out of thin air. We have over twelve months of testing and R&D on these shorts already. We’ve been working on them behind the scenes quietly since May 2018. Not only do we think these shorts are fantastic for actual riding of bikes, we also tend to wear them around the house, in the pool, and pretty much anywhere else we want. They don’t feel like bike gear as much as they just feel like great shorts that function very nicely when riding bikes.

You’ll notice half of the “action shots” of our prototype Lab Baggies are of Nik lying around in them. We consider a core function of our baggy shorts to be that they are great for lying around in.

What it is. The Lab Baggy:

  1. The Lab Baggy is made from a lightweight Italian fabric and is sewn in China.
  2. The Lab Baggy has no chamois because quite honestly we wanted to be able to wear these shorts on or off the bike comfortably.
  3. The Lab Baggy has a good bit of stretch but is a baggy short and is not form fitting.
  4. The Lab Baggy doesn’t reach your kneecaps. It terminates just above them. What’s up with the ultra long MTB baggies anyway?
  5. The Lab Baggy has one zippered low profile cargo pocket and one non zippered pocket. We chose to make each pocket different because gear stays put quite nicely in the non zippered pocket even when MTB riding, but for peace of mind it’s good to have at least one pocket with a zipper.
  6. The Lab Baggy has adjustable draw straps on the waist to allow you to adjust the fit to your preferences.
  7. The Lab Baggy uses YKK zippers because Outkast.
  8. The Lab Baggy will share the same fit guidelines as a normal pair of bibshorts. If you want the shorts to fit more generously and be slightly longer then order your standard bibshort size. If you want the fit to be lower profile and slightly shorter then consider sizing down from your standard bibshort size. This short is new and the nuances of fit are different when you are creating your own gear so we will do our best to order extra shorts and help people swap sizes if they need to.