Rodeo 6.yo // Rapha Pro Team Jersey

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Rodeo 6.0 is all about the remix. We took the themes and palettes of Rodeo 5.0 and went on a bit of an abstraction spree. Our main word mark is stretch, distorted, and pulled apart in (big word alert) isometric projection to create a background pattern unique to us. (Being unique is suuuuuper important). We upped the intensity of the colors this year to create a design that pops more from a distance but still matches with our 5.0 kit freely. The left sleeve is a vibrant splatter of color and the left sleeve is a tasteful flat grey with our slogan written in simple type: Ride. Explore. Create.

Carrying a tradition over from our 2014 1.0 kit we added two Rodeo icons to the rear pockets. On the left pocket we have a vintage camera signifying our passion for documenting our adventures. On the right pocket a compass serves as a metaphor for exploration, route finding, and for getting lost. We hope to do the latter most often.

On the front of the jersey, blended into the background sits the image of the most curious bike we’ve ever seen. We found it online while doing a search for the most basic image of a bike possible. Instead of using an iconic standard bike or an image of our own bikes we were drawn to this absolutely absurd, over the top bike design. We don’t know much about the original artist other than the fact that he is from Iran and calls himself RamZee. Somewhere deep down it makes us smile that when someone on the other side of the world tasked themself with drawing a bike they came up with this contraption. It doesn’t fit into our construct of what bikes should look like. It probably wouldn’t work if you tried to ride it. But regardless of that the image is unmistakably that of a bike, and we love that about it. Since our founding day Rodeo has been about doing bikes however you want to. Our 6.yo kit is out to celebrate that.

Hidden on the inner zipper is our original Make Them Hurt slogan which reminds us to challenge ourselves even if there is pain involved.

Rapha Pro Team Midweight jersey.

A performance cycling jersey for training and racing in mild to warm weather.

Jerseys are the mainstay of your cycling wardrobe, and the most readily identifiable piece of team kit. This one is made of 155gsm fabric, making it ideal for training and racing in mild to warm conditions. Closely based on our popular Pro Team Midweight Jersey, the fit suits an in-the-drops, on-bike position. We’ve added a kissing placket so that your custom design is unbroken by the main zip, and side panels that allow space for extra logos.

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