Rodeo 6.yo // Rapha Club Bibshort

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We try to keep our shorts classy around here. Most of the time anyway. For 6.yo we wanted to have a clean design in the mix in order to prevent motorists yelling unnecessarily at you from their vehicles. We all know motorists hate color. It’s time to make some concessions in the name of Share The Road. Or maybe we don’t care what motorists think. Either way the shorts are mostly black but we couldn’t stay away from color all together so we flooded one of the leg grippers with that lovely shade of hot pink and scattered our RDO LAB graphics all over the place. If you look closely you’ll see topo lines on the cuffs as well. We lifted that graphics from USGS maps of our beloved local Table Mountain where Donkeys frolic and rattlesnakes swarm. It’s a hard place to ride, and these are shorts for hard riders – ish.

Bonus: Just like we did with the 6.yo jersey these shorts are designed to mix and match with our 5.0 kits in order to create never before seen kit combinations. Feel free to mix and match at your leisure in order to create your own Rodeo Kit 5.5 mash up.

Rodeo 6.yo // Rapha Club Bibshort

The Rapha Custom Club bib short is most similar to the Rapha Core Bibshort. Simple, quality bib shorts to complement any ride, the main panels use a dense-knit fabric for support and modesty and laser-cut leg grippers lined with soft silicone for a close, comfortable fit.

The bib section uses high-stretch material, machined efficiently for even distribution of stretch and to accommodate longer torsos. Flatlock seams are positioned carefully throughout to hold the shorts in place without chafing. The shorts are available in an entirely black colourway, or with a white bib section to prevent straps showing under a light-coloured jersey.

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If you don’t take the time and end up with the wrong sized item we CAN NOT guarantee returns or refunds and if we do allow returns they will be at your cost. Obviously we want everyone to get fitted properly so we’ll try to help if you get the wrong size.

If you have a local Rapha clubhouse consider trying to try on items for sizing in the store.

This is a pre-order. Pre order ends June 21st. Kits are expected to arrive in Denver by late July for re-shipping.

Slight variations in color and graphic proportions are possible in production kits.