Rodeo 6.yo // Lab Woolie

The most versatile jersey that Rodeo Labs has ever offered, period.

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Let’s cut straight to the chase here. The Lab Woolie is the most versatile jersey we’ve ever offered.

We may be making that bold claim through the jaded lense of a wild winter and spring here in Colorado, but we’re making that claim none the less. No other jersey has been more practical in a wider range of conditions than this lovely little number. Clearly this garment is not intended for warm to hot weather riding. It is a long sleeve wool blend jersey after all. But the jersey is exceptionally useful for those rides that start and end chilly or start chilly and end warm. More than any other top layer we’ve reached for in 2019, the prototypes of this jersey have been chosen for more rides at The Lab than any other jersey. With layering in mind this jersey is useful from the 30 degree F range to the low 70’s. From snowy rides in the mountains to warm shred in Moab the Lab Woolie has been ridden and tested in a huge range of conditions. As with our other home brewed kit items that we are offering this year we went with an Italian sourced fabric and Chinese sewing. The pattern and details were refined by us over the course of a year of development.

The graphics on this piece are dialed back from the main jersey. We decided that some theme and variation would be a cool way to mix things up. A top to bottom graphic gradient, RDO ADV LAB branding, and woven tags make this a piece that you can mix and match with other kits like 5.0