Rodeo 6.yo // Lab Vest

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People. We made our own technical cycling vest. Yeah that’s right. It’s a Rodeo Adventure Labs officially official Lab Vest. It’s for doing lab stuff like riding bikes and staying warmer than you would otherwise be if you were riding bikes without a vest.


Why did we go and make our own vest from scratch if there are so many other great vests already in existence? That’s a great question. We made a vest of our own for the same reason that we made bikes of our own: We wanted to be able to control everything about the final product with no limits on our creative palette. As with the Lab Baggies we played with a number of fabric choices, patterns, and features before boiling everything down to what we thought worked for the Lab Vest. We sourced our own 100gsm Italian fabric that balanced weight, wind resistance, and water shedding qualities and we went to The Land Of Sewing Machines (China) to have it sewn up in exactly the fit and pattern that we had in our heads. We rode prototypes for over a year while we dialed in the details. We left nothing to chance from zipper pulls to the woven details to the small reflective accents.

Some people want a skin tight vest. Some people want a vented vest. Some people want an ultralight vest. We wanted the Traildonkey of vests: Reasonably light weight, reasonably snug fit but with room to have stuffed pockets in the jersey beneath the vest. MOST IMPORTANTLY our vest has external pockets so that we can easily reach for cameras, phones, tools, and food without getting all tied up in zippers and layers.

We didn’t reinvent the wheel here, we just combined a few great functional ingredients into a functional garment made for the purposes of riding bicycles. We’re proud to present the final result as a part of our 6.yo collection.