Rodeo 5.0 Neck Hugger

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Baby it’s cold outside. We can’t all have amazing beards all the time so some times a warm layer cradling the neck is required. Our woven synthetic neck hugger adds just enough extra insulation in a stretchy, super-versatile format. The hugger can be worn around your neck, up over your face, up on your head, over your ears, or any other way that you can imagine.

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4 reviews for Rodeo 5.0 Neck Hugger

  1. Stephen Fitzgerald

    Definitely warms your neck like it says. All the stars.

  2. Geoffrey (verified owner)

    I haven’t even worn this yet but can already tell that it looks way better than a neckbeard. Probably less itchy, too.

  3. Sheldon Thompson

    This hugs my beard in a snugly type of way. I <3 it.

  4. Andrew Cohen (verified owner)

    5/5 would tow my kid in his sled while wearing this again. In fact he wore it while being towed in the sled too! OK in all seriousness it’s comfortable, stays up great, and isn’t as fiddly as my old neck hugger.

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