RDO LAB // Molten Lab Vest

RDO LAB // Molten Lab Vest


Molten Lab Vest is the latest version of our Lab Vest. We initially set out to create a more practical vest in 2019 after years of frustratingly searching for the right mix of fit and features in other cycling vests. Our Molten Lab Vest’s key feature are the tripe back pockets and 4th zipper pocket which give the garment immense utility for… you know… carrying stuff. The vest is made of a windproof, water repellent midweight fabric which will help add versatility to any kit as the future months turn colder. When not in use the vest is packable enough to fit in a jersey pocket. Subtle topo lines adorn the left front chest of the vest. RDO LAB type feature on the front and rear. Our signature Ride Explore Create doodle is placed on the back collar. Woven tags complete the detailing as do reflective accents on the rear of the vest.

Molten Lab Vest is a proud part of our RDO LAB clothing line launch. Each of these garments has been created from scratch with our ideas about what makes for a quality, functional cycling garment.

Please refer to complete sizing and ordering information below before placing your order.

If a size shows as “available for backorder” that means we sold out of stock but will have more the first week of September and you may preorder towards that if you like.

LAB garments are designed in USA, sewn in China, and fabric is sourced from suppliers worldwide including Switzerland, Italy, France, China, and USA depending on the garment. Sublimated garments are dyed with eco friendly inks.


The Rodeo Molten Lab Vest

Our unisex fit should fit a pretty wide spectrum of women and men, nicely. The solid orange design should color block and pair well with almost any jersey.

Please pay close attention to our sizing chart when ordering. Generally we feel like our sizing guidelines are pretty similar to the large mainstream brands. But the human body comes in an infinite variety of sizes and proportions so please forgive us if our size Medium doesn’t match a Medium from a different brand you own. If you order a size that doesn’t end up fitting you may mail it back to us and we will swap it for a different size provided that size is in stock. If it is not in stock we can offer you a swap for a different style / color that is in stock. If you require a refund because a fit cannot be found we are happy to issue refunds minus the shipping costs.