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Rodeo Labs is not a shoe company. We’re a bike riding company though and we’re always keen to find shoes that match well with the ways we ride bikes. It is difficult to find a shoe that works nicely across all of the conditions that we find out in the wild. Can a shoe that works in a road group ride work on an all day gravel ride, or a trail ride, or a mountain bike race, or a bushwacking expedition with miles spent shouldering bikes across scree fields? That sort of shoe would be a generalist. It wouldn’t claim to to be the lightest or the fanciest or the stiffest or made from the most exotic materials. That sort of shoe needs to have a toe box with enough wiggle room to keep your digits comfortable whether you are out pedaling for an hour or twelve hours. That sort of shoe shouldn’t give you blisters when walking. That sort of shoe should be durable. It shouldn’t fall apart when abused and it shouldn’t look shredded after a few rides. Reliable, comfortable, durable, good looking, long lasting: That’s the wish list.

We’ve found this shoe, it’s called the Grand Tourer, and it’s made by the British cycling shoe maker called Quoc.

Before we decided that this was a good shoe and before we ever explored the possibility of doing a special edition Quoc x Rodeo Grand Tourer we put approximately six thousand miles (9600km) on these shoes. How’s that for an extended review period? We did take them on fast local group rides with pack sprints at the town signs. We did take the shoes cyclocross racing. We did take the shoes gravel riding and racing. Most of all we took the shoes up into the Colorado Rockies and did a bunch of good old fashioned nutty bike exploring rides on them. We commuted through rain, sleet, and snow on them. We wore them at work and walked around in them all day. We paid attention to fit and construction. We kept an eye out for premature wear or defects. Conclusion? After a year of use we can enthusiastically say that these shoes kick ass. We’re impressed by the fit, the comfort, the construction, the styling, and the durability of them.

Rodeo Labs is not a shoe company, but we are excited to have found Quoc shoes and to offer this very unique Quoc x Rodeo collaborative Grand Tourer shoe to people who like to ride bikes the ways we do.

All shoe sizing listed in UK sizing. Please note that when reviewing the size chart below.

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Please read this information in its entirety before ordering.

The Quoc x Rodeo Grand Tourer is in production now and will begin shipping out to pre orders in early August. Our production run is already set and there are a finite number of these shoes being made. When we sell out we will consider whether or not we want to have more made but this may be a one and done offering like so many things that Rodeo does.

Rodeo is not expert on sizing shoes and offering guidance on sizing. We do have a complete size run of Grand Tourer shoes at our Denver, Colorado office for trying on. If it is at all possible to stop by and try shoes on before you buy we highly recommend that. To schedule a time to try sizing please email shoes@rodeo-labs.com.

We are providing this sizing guidance from Quoc’s website:

Measure your largest foot in mm, then find that number on the top line of our size chart – the equivalent UK size number is your Quoc shoe size.

If the length of your foot lies within the grey dotted zone, we recommend choosing the larger size.

Example: A rider’s largest foot measures 265mm long. Compared against the size chart, their ideal Quoc shoe size would be a UK 8.5.

If you need some help, please do get in touch.

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If you purchase a pair of Quoc x Rodeo shoes and they do not fit you may return them to Rodeo Labs for another size but the shipping costs will be your responsibility. If we do not have the size that you would like to exchange for in stock we can refund your order if the shoes are brand new and un-worn.

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  • SPD compatible cleat
  • Waterproof to the top of the pink seam border
  • Gusseted tongue c/w absorbent microfiber interior
  • Carbon composite midsole
  • GravelGripTM: custom-specced proprietary rubber compound outsole
  • Double-Lock lace system
  • Reflective rear strap aids low light visibility
  • Lightweight & supportive
  • Hardwearing, easy-care upper




100% waterproof from the cleat area to the top of the teal seam border. Upper external materials are fused together with a unique heating technique.


Engineered to blend the stiffness needed for responsive cycling and the comfort needed for hiking and all-day wear.


The Gran Tourer’s GravelGripTM rubber outsole is designed to make hiking and walking trails more comfortable and easier to navigate than other cycling shoes, which lack adequate grip.


Create a custom fit by tightening different sections of the shoe to your liking.


The tongue has a gusseted design (attached to the shoe at the sides) to prevent water from entering the shoe. The interior fabric of the tongue is an absorbent microfibre material.

Additional information

Shoe Size

3.5, 4.5, 5.5, 6.5, 7.5, 8.5, 9.5, 10.5, 11.5, 12.5


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