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Hello! I am looking at the Flaanimal 5.0 bike. I see the recommended heights for everything but the 49cm. I am 5’5” with 30 in inseam and shorter torso and reach. I am not an aggressive rider, preferring distance to speed on gravel. I sit up more like a tourer or an endurance rider. I am older too—just shy of 50.  I am on the border between sizes and wanted to know your recommendations. Thanks in advance.

Steve The Intern Answered question March 15, 2021

Hi Tara,

By our size chart you fit exactly in the sweet spot of the 52cm.For a more endurance / upright fit I would recommend leaving 4cm of spacers under your stem to allow for adjusting your cockpit height.

Frame size Rider height
52 cm 5’4”-5’6”
54 cm 5’6”-5’9”
56 cm 5’9”-6’0”
58 cm 6’0”-6’2”
61 cm 6’1”-6’4”


Steve The Intern Answered question March 15, 2021