Rodeo Spork 1.x conversion kit: 12mm axle


NOTE: This conversion kit only works with Rodeo Spork 1.x. It does not work with any third party forks. Our fork design and conversion kit design is proprietary.

Rodeo Spork 1.x uses 15mm axles by default. We love 15mm because our bikes are built to endure a broad range of conditions and a thicker axle translates into a more precise front-end.

But what if you want to run a Rodeo Spork but your current through axle front wheel uses a 12mm axle front hub instead of a 15mm? We’ve got that covered as well. Rodeo Spork is (as far as we’re aware) the only through axle fork in the industry to offer a 15mm to 12mm axle conversion kit.

Our kit replaces the swappable threaded insert on the drive side of the fork with a 12mm insert. On the non drive side of the fork a simple press-in 15mm to 12mm step down spacer reduces the axle size properly.

Thread pitch on our kit is 12mm x 1.5. A 12 x 100mm hex through axle is included with this kit.

In stock (can be backordered)


Aluminum. Threaded 12mm fork insert, non-threaded 15mm to 12mm step down. 12mm hex thru axle included.


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