Lets Rodeo in Belgium


We are in the beginning planning stages of a Rodeo trip to Belgium in 2016 and we want to open up the invite to the larger Rodeo family.

The idea is to make what might be a complicated trip full of unknown for the uninitiated into a fun and much less stressful opportunity to meet up with other Rodeoers, watch some epic spring classics (Flanders and Roubaix) and do a whole lot of riding and hanging out in between.

The prototype for this trip happened this year and before going much further you should at least scan these two journal entries to get a sense of the trip:

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Fall Rally: You’re invited


Live in Colorado?

This is not just a Rodeo thing. It’s a time to ride with cyclists from any team or non-team. Invite your friends if you like.

Sept 29th. 4:30PM. Confluence Park.

Fall. A time of fading light and dying trees, or dying leaves anyway. Mark your calendars for the evening of September 29th. We are going to ride up into the hills above Denver and seek out the answers to life’s deepest questions. If we don’t find the answers we will have at least caught some sweet sunset action whist riding through groves of changing Assssspen™. We will ride back down to Denver in the dark and perhaps imbibe some refreshing cold ones as we recount memories not yet an hour old.

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Evening derp sessions #traildonkey

#Crossishere twelve months out of the year for us. Playing around on local trails and bike parks is a pretty great way to mix up the rhythm of the summer months between road riding and mountain biking. It is also a great way to experience familiar terrain in a new way. It is also just fun! A lot of people spend time doing cyclcoross drills to build skills and that is very useful, but we think that people should see cyclocross bikes as everyday bikes, not race day bikes. If you spend time on the bike regularly and just go out and have fun it’ll fit and ride with perfect familiarity on race day. You might just be surprised at how tame a cyclocross course is as well after you’ve finished a summer of shred on your local trails.Continue reading

Go chase the sunset.


Last night was all about chasing the sunset, Team Dream Team style. I wanted to get up to Raptor Point to see the sun dip behind the hills. 5000 feet of climbing and a late start stood between me and my goal but somehow it all worked out and I got up there with a few minutes to spare. The sky is so dynamic at sunset. In the matter of a minute everything can change. Watching it all evolve while on a bike on my current favorite road was a pretty special thing. The realization hit me that being high up in the Rockies at sunset meant being high up in the Rockies after dark, alone, and without even an extra vest. Thankfully last night was a trophy summer night. Warm breezes and clear skies were my companions. Sunset was beautiful, but the light right after sunset was, to my surprise, even better. The colors became electric, the shadows were at their softest. I had nobody to share what I was seeing with, but as always I had my camera. This is why I started taking photos of my rides in the first place. I want to relate to people what I’ve seen and what I’ve experienced. Photos rarely capture the true feel of a place, but that is always the goal to aspire to. I’m still buzzing from the experience.

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The Castelli “Rodeo” Jersey

Early on in any endeavor the work to payoff ratio is incredibly low. (Did I say that right? Lots of work, low payoff). But occasionally something really cool happens and you start to think that those investments of time and sweat are starting to come full term. I won’t count any chickens, but I’m really happy about the progress.

These jerseys will be available in bike shops around the world next year.


Source: Ello | stephenfitz | Early on in any endeavor