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Rodeo Rally Fraser, CO, Sept 23rd 2017

Posted March 14, 2017 by in Adventures

Come capture some early fall vibes with us on September 23rd in Fraser, Colorado. This Rodeo Rally, planned by Tom Miller, will take gravel roads through expansive vistas and rich groves of Aspen on a 90km (55mile) loop. Expect decent climbing for the mileage but plenty of nature’s beauty and good company to distract you from any pain in your legs. Rallys do not cost anything to participate in but are also are not supported events, they are unstructured rides with old friends and new. Rallys are open to any rider who has evaluated the route and determined with their own due diligence that they are up to the challenges of the course without assistance. Rallys are always intended to have an element of adventure.

More info after the break.

Typically groups of riders of a similar pace will form and ride together.
Faster riders are not expected to wait for slower riders.
If you can, bring a friend that you like to ride with to ensure at least one good wheel to ride with throughout the day.
Tools, tubes, food, water, lights, and foul weather gear are always encouraged in The Rockies.
The ideal bike for this Rally would probably be a drop bar gravel, cyclocross, or adventure style bike with 35-40mm tires.
Please direct course questions to
Rodeo Rally waivers will be supplied and required at the start.
The route will not be marshaled or closed to traffic in any way. Please obey all traffic laws and respect vehicle traffic.


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