Welcome to Rodeo 3.o, our third year of riding, exploring, and creating together. Bike season never really ends around here so in addition to riding all winter and spring we’ve been busy in the lab putting the final touches on Traildonkey 2.0. It’s been a long road of development and learning and we are really excited to get the bike out to people who’ve been following our story since the beginning.

We’ve also been riding and racing a lot this spring. We rallied with a great group of new friends on the Ghost Plains of Colorado. We took a group of 8 friends to Belgium, watched legendary races, and smashed cobbles for a week. We’ve begun our road racing and mountain bike racing seasons with some strong results.

On the horizon we have Dirty Kanza on tap. We’re also bringing a team back to the Rapha Prestige Colorado for another go at the state’s greatest roads and mountains. August should bring about some huge rallies and exploratory rides that we are excited to share as well.

It has already been a big year and the best is yet to come. Giddyup!


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