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Rodeo has started a new year! We are extremely proud of what our team accomplished in 2014, and 2015 is equally full of promise. Rodeo is a global community of people who love to ride bikes, plain and simple. We don’t stop there though. We also seek to invent and innovate as we go, be that through exploration, adventure, photos, words, or even creating gear adapted to our specific goals.

As a rule, our team is open to anyone. Our numbers are currently around 350 and month to month they inch higher. Our members live on almost every continent and you can use our interactive map to see if there are any near you. You can even add yourself.

We’ve just concluded our 2.0 kit order and are excited to have so many new and returning riders flying the colors. It’s going to be a great year.


White Rim in a Day

  “It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.”  – Sir Edmund Hillary An epic adventure has equal parts pain,...

Moab Rodeotrip 1/2: Donkey Does Slickrock

Sometimes as a cyclist there is a particular ride that calls your name relentlessly. For some it’s an almost mythic European climb like Le Alpe...

The What and Why of Rodeo

“What is Rodeo?” That is the question I’ve received in my inbox quite a bit over the last year. It’s been a difficult...

In pursuit of Antelope

By Phillip Brown On specific occasions, when the snow fills the mountains and the wind is coming in from the east, I ride out in pursuit of...

Geoff’s unsinglespeed

Rodeoer Geoff K. has been riding his mint green Avery Co. Cycles in singlespeed configuration ever since we started Rodeo a year ago. Geoff is a...

The Balancing Act

By Chris Baddick Bike riding is fun. You know that already. For some of us, racing bikes is just as fun as riding bikes. The rush of pinning on a...

Traildonkey 2.0

…from scratch.

Details coming soon.