Welcome to Rodeo 3.o, our third year of riding, exploring, and making stuff. It’s been a big year so far and we’ve still got a few months left to play with. Earlier in the year we threw our biggest ever rally through the Pawnee Grasslands. Shortly after we skipped over to Belgium for another go at bike paradise. We rode a ton, ate pastries, took a lot of photos, and shared some stories on The Journal. In June we went back to Dirty Kanza and took 5th overall and the category win on Traildonkey 2.0. Some of the crew headed out to Steamboat for Rapha Prestige Colorado and had another fine day and fast time. Mid summer we FINALLY released Project Night Stalker (check it out!) and boggled minds in the process. Moving into August we cranked the crazy back up and bagged some high mountain passes and bikepacking trips on a diverse plethora of steeds. Jered risked a trip to the sanitorium by taking a Traildonkey to the Leadville 100 and somehow finished strong and smiling! Our first ever production run of Traildonkeys also arrived in August and then sold out, so we’re making a bunch more!

Whew! That’s a lot of stuff! But wait! We’re not done. As the days grow shorter we’re hard at work thinking about 2017. We’re working on new adventures, prepping the Flaanimal for release, brainstorming 4.0, and working on a few secret bits that we’ll talk about later.

We do want to thank everyone who comes along the ride with us either on rides, on the bikes, or in spirit. If we didn’t have a community to ride and share with then this entire Lab project wouldn’t be nearly as awesome.



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