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Rodeo has started a new year! We are extremely proud of what our team accomplished in 2014, and 2015 is equally full of promise. Rodeo is a global community of people who love to ride bikes, plain and simple. We don’t stop there though. We also seek to invent and innovate as we go, be that through exploration, adventure, photos, words, or even creating gear adapted to our specific goals.

As a rule, our team is open to anyone. Our numbers are currently around 350 and month to month they inch higher. Our members live on almost every continent and you can use our interactive map to see if there are any near you. You can even add yourself.

We’ve just concluded our 2.0 kit order and are excited to have so many new and returning riders flying the colors. It’s going to be a great year.


Rodeo Road Trip: Tulsa Native Lands Classic (Gentlemen’s Race : 22 March 2015)

So, apparently, this is how plans/ideations for road trips for amateur bike racing start these days: <Facebook> “A good friend is...

The Teachings of a Rodeo

At first glance, Rodeo may seem like a bunch of guys who decided to one day purchase bikes and take pictures with them. Not only with bikes, but on...

Belgium day 2: Good roads, great company.

It is not difficult to go on a good ride, and it is not difficult to take a good photograph (or at least a decent one). It IS difficult however to go...

Lost in the Land of Eagles: Off and Away

I would like to thank Steven and everyone at Rodeo Adventure Labs for giving me a chance and providing me with a platform to share this story....

Pilgrimage: Donkey does DeRonde. Belgium Part 1.

It’s almost midnight as I try to post this while it is fresh in my mind. What a day it’s been. If kids have Disneyland and Muslims have...

White Rim in a Day

  “It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.”  – Sir Edmund Hillary An epic adventure has equal parts pain,...

Traildonkey 2.0

…from scratch.

Details coming soon.